Angol Nyelvtani Teszt
Ezzel a feladatsorral Ön a nyelvtani ismereteit mérheti fel. Az elért eredményt - pontszám és véleményezés - a teszt kitöltése után rögtön láthatja. Az Ön által megadott e-mail címre elküldjük a tesztet és a válaszait.

London ... a very big city.
My mother ... in a hotel.
On Saturday we go ... a restaurant.
Karen is ... doctor.
... family is very nice
My brother ... a job
In England on ... Christmas Eve many people go to ... church at midnight.
Yesterday I ... to school because the teachers had a meeting.
How ... pounds do you have?
There is a brand new leisure centre ... our home.
There is not ... milk in the fridge.
As soon as he ... , tell him to call me back, please.
... to go to the embassy for her visa?
... a cup of coffee now?
He ... in the park when it ... to rain.
Could you give me some ... , please?
I have never been ... the USA.
Will you look ... my cat while I am away on holiday?
I ... in Budapest two years ago.
My neighbour, ... over 80, still goes out to work.
Would you mind ... me how to start the engine?
She asked me ... write her paper about.
I disagree ... you. I think it is a very important question.
All the sad memories will ... in a few years’ time.
You cannot talk to her now. She ... a shower.
She said that the prices in Hungary ... up the previous year.
If I had more time, I ... go to the performance.
The cat ... broken the vase because it was out all day.
The new results ... into the computer at present.
If I ... the lottery yesterday, I would be much happier now.
If I ... you, I wouldn’t give him money.
I love my parents and we get ... well with each other.
You’ll have to go now, ... you miss the train.
This poem ... by Siegfried Sassoon.
Sam and Kate are engaged. They ... get married in June this year.
You ... the lawn all day long! You should have a rest.
This company ... to be the largest in all Europe.
There are dark clouds in the sky. It ... rain.
I saw you and Les last night when you ... in the park.
They ... for London on Thursday.
Why do we have to put ... all this mess around us? Let’s clean the house!
When you are young you believe that you can do ... you want.
We went to see a film in the cinema, but I ... it before, so it was boring for me.
He was probably the tallest man I ...
I ... as a teacher, but now, I am a singer.
If you want to lose weight, you …….. eat any chocolate.
My hair tends to be greasy; what sort of shampoo do you ... ?
The manager told ... the report the following week.
Their company ... the best in the market.
Unless they ... the details, we won’t be able to write the proposal in time.