Ezzel a feladatsorral Ön a (szakmai)nyelvtani ismereteit mérheti fel. Az elért eredményt - pontszám és véleményezés - a teszt kitöltése után rögtön láthatja. Az Ön által megadott e-mail címre elküldjük a tesztet és a válaszait.

If he doesn’t come in the next 10 minutes, we ... without him.
... the details of the proposed merger.
I thought about your proposal, and I think we ... it.
The union ... on Tuesday to resume contract talks.
Negotiations ... to continue into the weekend.
Our employees ... our strongest asset.
Our office usually ... at 5:00 pm, but today we’re staying open until 6.
Please ask Robert ... to the meeting.
By the time my boss gets here, I ... my report.
If he had told me about this earlier, I ... someone else.
Right now I ... in any project.
I ... to a trade fair until I went to the one in Las Vegas last month.
Recent efforts ... our company’s profile have been successful.
I ... the approval of the three committee members before Bob signed off on the project.
The recent survey shows that our customer base ....
You should ... your employees in a more respectful manner.
You ... if you have a problem.
... them until we get the proposal back from Nancy.
I ... at Bank of America from 2001-2003.
I ... here for 10 years. (I still work here.)
I promise that the report ... by the end of the day.
I will have finished ... the presentation by the time you get back from lunch.
I ... talked about this later.
We are currently ... several acquisitions.
There ... to be a problem with your application.
I ... a lot of money if I hadn’t listened to your advice.
That issue is yet ... .
Maybe you should ... a different approach.
Hiring Thomas has ... a positive impact on the growth of our law firm.
I’m not sure that ... the CEO will solve our problems.
I ... worry about that if I were you.
They announced last month that they ... their relationship with Microsoft.
The company was charged with ... deceptive claims in its advertising campaign.
If they ... us earlier, we could have set up a meeting.
Visa ... Mastercard’s main competitor.
That part of the contract is currently ... .
These fees are not ... in the estimate.
This advertisement doesn’t ... people to buy the product.
I ... numbers like these in 10 years.
... a business is hard work.
This is an opportunity ... more directly with customers.
Generally speaking, nobody ... to carry around a huge mobile phone.
It would ... more sense to have gone to the meeting.
There’s no need ... a chief marketing officer.
This meeting has been ... by the marketing department.