Angol szakmai szókincsbővítő teszt
Az alábbi teszteket szakmai nyelvvizsgára készülőknek ajánljuk. Ezek a feladatok érdekességként szolgálhatnak azoknak, akik már a szakmai nyelvvizsga előtt állnak, és még szívesen megismerkednének még egy-egy hasznos „business” kifejezéssel.

I heard of a new company today with which we should co-operate and ... business with.


Shortly after he was dismissed from the firm he decided to ... himself up in his own business.
They went ... business shortly after their children had left home and got married.
As soon as they heard what had happened, they ... it their business to find out the truth.
I would ask you kindly not to interfere with what I'm doing as in all honesty it's ... of your business.
Despite all the alterations that are taking place in the department store, the management wanted to explain it was business as ...
She knew that there was some kind of ... business going on because strange things were happening.
We really can't delay any more with our plans and must ... down to business as soon as possible.
When the bomb went off, most of the injured were just ordinary people going ... their business.
Although they had high hopes that they would be successful, they ... out of business within six months.
I've warned you before that you shouldn't get involved in this matter and you have ... business discussing it.
That's really not my concern at all and I'm certainly not ... the business of telling others what to do.
She was very enthusiastic about her new job and was making rapid progress ... nobody's business.
I really wouldn't joke about it because these people are deadly serious and ... business.
He didn't hesitate to tell me that I wasn't wanted and just told me to ... my own business.
I'm afraid it won't be possible to talk to the boss today because he's away ... business till Tuesday.
He was very keen that we kept in touch and for that reason he handed me his business ...
This is the really important part of the machine and that's why we call it the business ...
The whole site has nothing but offices and administration centres and that's why we call it a business ...
All the famous film stars, actors, directors and writers were at the festival representing the world of ... business.
Money is the root of all evil, so what's the point of earning a lot?


In my opinion money talks and the little people are totally ignored.

She's a really happy woman now because for once she's in the money.

For my money I would sooner go on a cruise than sit all day on the beach.
He has very little to do, but he gets well paid. He agrees it's money for jam.
I think she should stop talking about it and put her money where her mouth is.

If you want to find some help with your project ask him because he's got money to burn.

As soon as he had won the lottery, he went crazy and started spending money like water.

When you consider all the advantages you've gained I think you'll admit you had a good run for your money.

She's made it clear that we don't need to worry because money is no object.

The school custodian was the main suspect of the girl's disappearance.


Linda got a job as an executive assistant in a Law Firm.
Celebrities are usually surrounded by their personal protection specialists.
George is in the food business now. He is an Executive Snack Route Consultant.

I have always wanted to be an aesthetician.
My mom used to work at a hospital as a patient care assistant.
Bob used to work as a media courier during school summer breaks when he was a kid, now he has his own newspaper.

Some places in New York have advertised on the newspaper they needed part-time career associate scanning professionals.

The day before Carol's wedding, her bridesmaids went to see a nail technician.

The meteorologist said on TV that it is supposed to rain all day tomorrow.